Warm the Middle and Dispel Interior Cold Formulas

Da Jian Zhong Tang

ENGLISH NAME:Major Construct (Establish) the Middle Combination
TCM ACTIONS:Warms the Middle Jiao; Tonifies Qi; Stops spasms; Stops pain; Kills parasites
INDICATION:Abdominal pain due to Spleen Yang deficiency; Parasites (roundworms)
INGREDIENTS:Hua Jiao (Chuan Jiao) (Chief/3g), Gan Jiang (Deputy/4.5 g), Ren Shen or Dang Shen (Assistant/6g), Yi Tang (Assistant/30g)

Gan Cao Gan Jiang Tag

ENGLISH NAME:Licorice and Ginger Combination
TCM ACTIONS:Warms Yang Qi of Middle Jiao; Harmonizes Ying and Wei
INDICATION:Damage of the Middle Yang resulting from improper sweating
INGREDIENTS:Gan Jiang (Chief/6g), Zhi Gan Cao (Deputy/12g)

Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan

ENGLISH NAME:Prepared Aconite Pill to Regulate the Middle
TCM ACTIONS:Warms Yang; Dispels Cold; Augments Qi; Strengthens Spleen
INDICATION:Severe Internal deficiency Cold
INGREDIENTS:Fu Zi, Gan Jiang, Ren Shen, Bai Zhu, Zhi Gan Cao

Li Zhong Wan

ENGLISH NAME:Regulate the Middle Pill
TCM ACTIONS:Warms the Middle Jiao; Expels Cold; Tonifies the Spleen (Yang) and Stomach
INDICATION:1) Abdominal pain and diarrhea due to deficiency and Cold in Middle Burner; 2) Bleeding in Spleen due to Yang deficiency; 3) Conditions due to Deficiency and Cold in Middle Burner
INGREDIENTS:Gan Jiang (Chief/5g), Ren Shen (Deputy/6g), Bai Zhu (Assistant/9g), Zhi Gan Cao (Envoy/6g)

Xiao Jian Zhong Tang

ENGLISH NAME:Minor Construct the Middle Combination
TCM ACTIONS:Warms and harmonizes the Middle Jiao; relieves acute syndromes.
INDICATION:Abdominal pain or Disharmony between Ying Qi and Wei Qi due to weak Spleen and Stomach
INGREDIENTS:Yi Tang (Chief/30g), Gui Zhi (Deputy/9g), Bai Shao (Deputy/18g), Zhi Gan Cao (Assistant/6g) , Sheng Jiang (Assistant/10g), Da Zao (Envoy/4pcs)

Wu Zhu Yu Tang

ENGLISH NAME:Evodia Combination
TCM ACTIONS:Warms the Liver, Kidney, Spleen and Stomach; Descends rebellious Stomach Qi; Stops nausea and vomiting; Strengthens Middle Jiao
INDICATION:1) Nausea due to deficiency and Cold in Stomach (Yang Ming); 2) Headache and retching in Jue Yin disorder; 3) Vomiting and diarrhea in Shao Yin disorder
INGREDIENTS:Wu Zhu Yu (Chief/3g), Ren Shen or Dang Shen (Deputy/6g), Sheng Jiang (Assistant/18g), Da Zao (Assistant/4pcs)