Moisten Intestines Formulas

Ma Zi Ren Wan

TCM ACTIONS:Moistens and quell Heat in the Intestines; Regulates Qi; Moves the stool
INDICATION:Large Intestine Dryness due to Heat Obstruction and Blood deficiency
INGREDIENTS:Huo Ma Ren (Chief/5g), Da Huang (Deputy/5g), Xing Ren (Deputy/2.5g), Bai Shao Yao (Deputy/2.5g), Zhi Shi (Assistant/2.5g), Hou Po (Assistant/2.5g), Fei Mi (Honey) (Envoy)

Run Chang Wan

ENGLISH NAME:Moisten the Intestines Pill
TCM ACTIONS:Dispel Wind; Dispel Blood Stasis and Moisten Intestines
INDICATION:Constipation due to Wind or Blood Stasis
INGREDIENTS:Qiang Huo (Assistant/1.5g), Dang Gui Wei (Deputy/1.5g), Tao Ren (Assistant/3g), Da Huang (Deputy/1.5g), Huo Ma Ren (Chief/3.75g)