Warm Purgative Formulas

Da Huang Fu Zi Tang

ENGLISH NAME: Rhubarb and Prepared Aconite Combination
TCM ACTIONS: Warms the Interior; Expels Cold; Purges the bowels; Stops pain
INDICATION: Interior Excess Cold Stagnation
INGREDIENTS: Pao Fu Zi (Chief/9g) , Xi Xin (Deputy/3g), Da Huang (Assistant, Envoy/9g)

San Wu Bei Ji Wan

ENGLISH NAME: Three Substance Pill for Emergencies
TCM ACTIONS: Purges Interior Cold Excess; Warm the Spleen
INDICATION: Acute Interior Cold Excess
INGREDIENTS: Ba Dou (C), Gan Jiang (D), Da Huang (A, Ms)

Wen Pi Tang

ENGLISH NAME: Warm the Spleen Combination
TCM ACTIONS: Warm and Tonify SpleenYang; Moves the bowels
INDICATION: Interior Cold due to Spleen Yang deficiency
INGREDIENTS: Fu Zi (Chief/9g), Gan Jiang (Chief/6g), Ren Shen (Chief/9g), Da Huang (Envoy/12g), Gan Cao (Envoy/3g)