Su He Xiang Wan

ENGLISH NAME:Liquid Styrax Pill
TCM ACTIONS:Aromatically Warm and Open Heart Orifice; Move Qi and Stop Pain
INDICATION:Cold and tense pattern in Wind-stroke or other Cold Zhang Qi Striking
INGREDIENTS:Su He Xiang ((Chief/30g), She Xiang (Chief/60g), An Xi Xiang (Chief/60g), Long Nao (Chief/30g), Qing Mu Xiang (Deputy/60g), Bai Tan Xiang (Deputy/60g), Chen Xiang (Deputy/60g), Ding Xiang (Deputy/60g), Xiang Fu (Deputy/60g), Ru Xiang (Deputy/30g), Bi Bo (Deputy/60g), Xi Jiao (Assistant/60g), Zhu Sha (Assistant/60g), Bai Zhu (Envoy/60g), He Zi (Envoy/60g)

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