Reduce Food Stagnation Formulas

Bao He Wan

ENGLISH NAME:Preserve Harmony Pill; Pill to Harmonize the Stomach
TCM ACTIONS:Relieve Food Stagnation; Expel Dampness; Clear Heat
INDICATION:Food Stagnation
INGREDIENTS:Shan Zha (Chief/18g), Shen Qu (Deputy/6g), Lai Fu Zi (Deputy/3g), Chen Pi (Assistant/3g), Ban Xia (Assistant/9g), Fu Ling (Assistant/9g), Liang Qiao (Assistant/9g), can add Mai Ya (3-9g)

Jian Pi Wan

ENGLISH NAME:Strengthen the Spleen Pill
TCM ACTIONS:Strengthen Spleen; Resolve Food Stagnation and Stop Diarrhea
INDICATION:Indigestion due to Spleen and Stomach Qi deficiency
INGREDIENTS:Ren Shen (Chief/45g), Bai Zhu (Chief/75g), Fu Ling (Chief/60g), Shan Yao (Deputy/30g), Rou Dou Kou (Deputy/30g), Shan Zha (Assistant/30g), Shen Qu (Assistant/30g), Mai Ya (Assistant/30g), Mu Xiang (Assistant/22g), Sha Ren (Assistant/30g), Chen Pi (Assistant/30g), Huang Lian (Assistant/22g), Gan Cao (Envoy/22g)

Mu Xiang Bing Lang Wan

ENGLISH NAME:Aucklandia and Betel Nut Pill
TCM ACTIONS:Regulate and Descend Qi; Reduce Food Stagnation; Reduce Damp-Heat
INDICATION:Qi Stasis due to Obstruction of Damp-Heat in Large Intestine (Food and Damp-Heat Stagnation)
INGREDIENTS:Mu Xiang (Chief/30g), Bing Lang (Chief/30g), Qian Niu Zi (Deputy/60g), Da Huang (Deputy/15g), Qing Pi (Deputy/30g), Chen Pi (Deputy/30g), (Chao) Xiang Fu (Assistant/60g), Zhi Ke (Assistant/30g), E Zhu (Assistant/30g), Huang Lian (Assistant/30g), Huang Bai (Assistant/30g)

Zhi Shi Dao Zhi Wan

ENGLISH NAME:Immature Bitter orange Pill to Guide Out Stagnation
TCM ACTIONS:Clear and Purge Damp-Heat; Protect Spleen
INDICATION:Damp-Heat Obstruction in Large Intestine and Stomach
INGREDIENTS:Da Huang (Chief/30g), Zhi Shi (Deputy/15g), Haung Lian (Assistant/9g), Huang Qin (Assistant/9g), Fu Ling (Assistant/9g), Ze Xie (Assistant/6g), Bai Zhu (Assistant/9g), Shen Qu (Assistant/15g)

Zhi Zhu Wan

ENGLISH NAME:Immature Bitter orange and Atractylodes Macrocephala Pill
TCM ACTIONS:Strengthen Spleen; Raise the Clear Qi and Descend the Turbid Qi
INDICATION:Qi Stasis due to Spleen Qi Deficiency
INGREDIENTS:Bai Zhu (Chief/60g), Zhi Shi (Deputy/30g), He Ye (Assistant/10g)