Ren Shen Bai Du San

ENGLISH NAME:Ginseng Powder to Overcome Pathogenic Influences
TCM ACTIONS:Releases Exterior; Dispels Wind and Dampness; Augments the Qi
INDICATION:External Wind-Cold-Damp withunderlying weakened Qi
INGREDIENTS:Ren Shen (Chief/3g), Qiang Huo (Chief/3g), Du Huo (Deputy/3g), Chuan Xiong (Deputy/3g), Chai Hu (Deputy/3g), Bo He (Deputy/3g), Qian Hu (Assistant/3g), Zhi Ke (Assistant/3g), Jie Geng (Assistant/3g), Sheng Jiang (Assistant/3g), Fu Ling (Assistant/3g), Gan Cao (Envoy/1.5g)

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